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      While searching through our family history, two American  Hereford Association Certificates, dated 1930, were found.  Two cows were purchased and transferred to Ray Swope.  Herefords were used to supply beef to eat during the depression and complimented the grade C dairy in operation.  By the late 1940's Stanley Swope, Ray's son, helped purchase more Herefords.  In 1962 Ray Swope & Sons became a member of the American Polled Hereford Association, from this time, Polled Herefords were the only breed that roamed the hills of what is now Circle S Farm.

Robert Wayne and Patsy Hamm had commercial cattle and raised broilers for Tyson's in the 1970's; Wayne purchased his first Registered Polled Hereford heifer in 1973.  By 1976 all of the cattle at the Hamm's were Polled Herefords.

The marriage of Sarah Swope and Bill Hamm brought these two operations together.

The two farms operate separately together just east of Fayetteville, Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains.  With over 85 years combined raising Polled Herefords, our foundation females are high productive.  The common denominator of the two herds, is the shared genetics of our herd bulls.  This allows both herds to be expanded genetically at a lower cost to both operations and can be passed on to our customers.  Calving ease, maternal milk and high weaning weight are criteria that our cows must pass.  These criteria, along with the strong genetics of our bulls, leads to EPD's of calves that work for us and can be used in your commercial or purebred business.

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